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North Coast offers one-time classes that meets the requirements for various Girl Scout badges. Each program is one hour in length. Girls will perform a routine of skills learned at the end of class. Classes can also be tailored to fit additional troop needs and or other badge requirements.

Whether you are helping your Brownies earn the Brownie Dancer Badge, getting active with the Junior’s Staying Fit Badge, or joining us for a fun patch experience, North Coast Scout Programs are an exceptional way to offer troops a fun, exciting and new outing for a reasonable price.


Although there are not direct links to cheer and dance in the journeys for these groups, we can help your scouts earn the Girl Scout “Cheer” fun patch, which is not an official badge, but can be worn on the back of their uniform vests/sash!


Cost: $8 per scout/6 scount minimum
Patches are included in the price


The “Staying Fit” Badge. Class begins with a gentle warm-up and stretch. Once the body is warmed up, students will move to more energetic dance moves with a combination of hip hop and Zumba. Healthy aerobic exercise practices will be discussed throughout the class!


Cost: $5 per scout/6 scout minimum
Patches are not included in the price


When Brownies earn the Dancer badge, they will have
explored the world of dancing! During the class, your Brownies will learn to stretch, warm up their bodies, learn some basic moves, participate in a cheer and dance combination routine with an end of class performance!


Cost: $8 per scout/6 scout minimum
Patches are not included in the price

Scout Specialist

Classes can also be tailored to fit each troops' needs.  Contact Alyssa Cole today for more information about our program or to set up a class for your troop! 



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