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Jose Madrid salsas are uniquely different and have won many national and international awards, contests, and blind taste tests throughout the United States and Canada. Over  20 flavors of gourmet salsa are offered! 


They are: Raspberry Mild, Peach Mild, Strawberry Mild, Pineapple Mild, Mango Mild, Cherry Mild, Cherry Chocolate, Roasted Habanero & Pineapple Hot, Roasted Garlic & Olives Medium, Chipotle Con Queso, Chipotle Hot, Garden Fresh Cilantro Mild, Garden Fresh Cilantro Hot, Black Bean and Corn Medium, Jamaican Jerk, Raspberry Chipotle BBQ Medium, Spanish Verde Mild, Spanish Verde Hot, Spanish Verde XX Stupid Hot, Original Mild, Clovis Medium, Original Hot, Original XHot.

Online purchases will be delivered by the North Coast athlete you have chosen to support.  Shipping is not available for this product.  


Salsa Sale ends September 25th, 2015. Each jar costs $6.25.  $.25 has been added to online orders to cover credit card processing fee.  Please include the athlete's name and flavor you are purchasing in the boxes provided


We don’t have any products to show here right now.

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