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Longest North Coast Membership goes to....

More than two decades ago, Debbie Patacca, mom to FIVE girls, enrolled her daughters at North Coast. Debbie started her cheer mom journey the same as the majority of all young athlete cheer moms, as a lobby dweller. Her presence waiting for her lttle athletes night after night and year after year enitiled her to be known and loved by many.

She didn't realize she would be signing up for just about a lifetime of commitment to gym time and traveling across the country to watch her family span history. Debbie's youngest daughter, Marcie, returned from college and began coaching at North Coast. Her second oldest daughter, Meghan enrolled her daughter, Kylee, at age three. Although Kylee had been roaming the blue mat and the competition circuit in diapers, her preschool age finally arrived for official team membership. The second generation of cheer life began. This season, Kylee Zale, the last of the Brasdovich North Coast legacy, is a graduating senior. Her 16 years of team membership along with a family of true blue bloods is more than notable. For the first time in her athletic career, Kylee will take the Worlds stage, the most prestigious event in the cheer industry, in Orlando this April. Kylee has remained loyal and steadfast throughout her years of misses, successes, heartbreaks and celebrations. From Tiny 1 to Senior 6 and everything in between, we celebrate Kylee's passion and commitment to her ultimate finale. Her family stands ready to cheer on their last athlete to make her footprint as the Brasdoviches and North Coast athletes that have gone before her. From across the country to in front of the Worlds stage, the Brasdovich family will tune in to root for their girl and her team. With a nostalgic passing, North Coast will begin season 26 without a Brasdovich amongst the ranks. Their dedication through thick and thin is an example for all future generations of North Coast families. We love you, BRASDOVICH FAMILY! You will be deeply missed, but never forgotten as a part of who we all have become today! Thank you for allowing us to raise our families together.


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